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Oct 15

US investors eyes Samoa’s coconut industry

And he is optimistic that negotiations with a major wholesale and retail outlet in organic coconut cream in the United States will become a reality before government is dissolved as a lead up to the General Elections next March.

The investor, Dr Bronner’s USA has over 15,000 employees on its payroll and they are interested in setting up shop in Samoa targeting the lucrative organic markets in Europe and across the United States.

“We have been negotiating for a while and like any multi-million tala investment there are certain grey areas which we must reach a compromise for Dr. Bronner’s proposal to become a reality,” said Le Mamea.

After initial contact Chief Executive for Agriculture and Fisheries Fonoiava Se’aliitu Sesega says that the company has committed in principle pending the outcome of a national coconut survey.

“Government has receptive to Dr Bronner’s request and a high level Committee which I am chairman and includes my counterparts from Finance, Commerce, Labour and Industry has been established to implement the survey,” said Fonoiava.

“Dr. Bronner wants to set up two coconut cream factories, one each for Upolu and Savai’i.

“Their initial employment capacity is for 350 workers but that number will increase depending on their human resources needs.

“At full capacity, Dr. Bronner estimates that the two factories can process up to 110 million nuts a year.

“And they are offering a buying price from farmers at 30 sene per nut compared to the current price of 10 sene per nut.

“This is perhaps the biggest ever investment proposal to come our way and we have been given the green light from the Prime Minister and Cabinet to proceed with full speed for the proposed partnership to become a reality.”

Tentatively, if pieces of the puzzle falls in place ground breaking for the first Dr. Bronner coconut cream processing plant should take place in the first six months of 21.

Author: Nanai Laveitiga Tuiletufuga
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