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Oct 16

Samoa’s Gluten free talo flour on debut… SROS on the hunt for investors

The Scientific Research Organization of Samoa, (SROS) has done it again.

Without a lot of fanfare, SROS has successfully developed the gluten free talo flour ready for the commercial production.

The gluten free talo flour debuted at this week’s Agricultural Show and has already gone international in a trade talks held recently in Fiji.

And it is the latest in SROS ingenuity to develop new food technologies using local crops.

But there is a hick up.

“We are still on the hunt for investors,” says SROS Chief Executive Tilafono David Hunter.

“There is interest from local businesses and some overseas investors and we are exploring a range of options.

“We knew that securing genuine investors with money is a huge task but we are determined and committed to our cause.”

And Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi has put his weight behind SROS quest for investors,

“Government has done its part – through SROS – by developing these products. We now need private businesses to come in and commercialize the flour, the oil, the subsequent butter and margarine developed by SROS from local crop staples,” the Prime Minister stated in recent press conferences.

To ensure a regular supply of local, Tuilaepa also put down the challenge to the country to go out and plant these crops.

“Far too many times we hear politicians and some people complain about the lack of jobs. Well, we now have these products on the market and the onus is now on everyone to go grow the necessary cassava and breadfruit to supply these industries. Samoa is blessed with miles of arable land where these crops can grow like magic beanstalks.”

“SROS is screaming for investors and there’s no doubt about it,” he added.

“They have ready for export added value commodities also ready for commercial production.

“But finding investors with money to take these technologies to the final level is proving to be tough ask for our business community,” the Prime Minister continued.

“Government is well aware of the financial situation impeding SROS progress.

“And that’s where the Investment bill comes in; to entice investors with money to invest.

“New investors spell new money to the local economy as well as farmers since the key ingredients used on the technologies already perfected by SROS are our very own agricultural crops.”

Since 2006, SROS has developed technologies using local agricultural crops as raw ingredients.

Avocado margarine and virgin cooking oil will also be available for investors.

And on the market already is the gluten-free flour processed from breadfruit and cassava.

There is the biodiesel from coconut oil, which now supplies government vehicle fleets.

And last year, SROS is responsible for the breadfruit beer or the Vailima Natural which is becoming a huge hit on the local market.

The most recent technology soon to be perfected is fruit spirits.

SROS is capitalizing Trade Exhibitions to showcase its technologies to attract possible investors.

“And while many investors have expressed interest, financing is impeding the negotiations.”

The Prime Minister is touting the Investment Bill as the catalyst to attract real investors with real capital.

“Samoa can’t afford to sit on its laurels and wait for investors to turn up here. It just won’t happen,” the Prime Minister concluded.

Author: Nanai Laveitiga Tuiletufuga
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