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Jul 17

Promise in breadfruit, avocado and cassava

Promise in breadfruit, avocado and cassava

Avocado oil and breadfruit and cassava flour took center stage this morning at the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS) plant at Nafanua.

Delivering the keynote address at the launch, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi challenged the private sector to start investing and commercializing the new products.

“Government has done its part – through SROS – by developing these products. We now need private businesses to come in and commercialize the flour , the oil, the subsequent butter and margarine from local crop staples we’re launching this morning.”

To ensure a regular supply of cassava, breadfruit and avocado, Tuilaepa also put down the challenge to the country to go out and plant these crops.

PM inspecting

“Far too many times we hear politicians and some people complain about the lack of jobs. Well, we now have these products on the market and the onus is now on everyone to go grow the necessary cassava and breadfruit to supply these industries. Samoa is blessed with miles of arable land where these crops can grow like magic beanstalks.”

Said the Prime Minister;

“The launching of these quality food ingredients endorses government’s efforts for a healthier nation, a more productive community as well as ensuring a well educated pool of local research scientists, in research and product development activities. Scientists who are keen in finding quality solutions to enable a better quality of life for our people.”

The inception of SROS some years ago, Tuilaepa said, not only led to leaps in agro-product development but also enabled Samoa to patent the necessary research and product outcome.

“In the early 1970s, Dr Pedrana who worked here in Samoa developed the write formula for canned coconut milk. But government at the time failed to patent his research and formula. Today, the same formula has been replicated by coconut milk companies in China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines – at a much cheaper price – forcing our local coconut milk producers out of the market.”

“Even their products are now called Pe’epe’e (Samoan for coconut milk.).

The audience this morning were taken on a tour of the SROS flour mill research plant as well as its experimenting avocado oil plant.

Pastries made from breadfruit and cassava flour were also served to the guests.

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Author: Tupuola Terry Tavita of Savali
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